Water Catchment

When it rains it pours. There is little worse than looking out over a barren dry landscape, having nothing to drink, and remembering all the rain that, a month ago, washed away neighbors seedlings and soil. There is often adequate water but uncaptured it causes devastating erosion followed by thirst. There are numerous ways it can be captured .

The back of our house is metal roofing to catch rain water for drinking. We have big dreams of getting a water tank for $300. Keep dreaming girl.
The front of our house is thatch so we collect the water for washing… and drumming. Best way to stack functions!

The pond catches water for agriculture and fish purposes. The dirt was used to make a terrace for working and playing.
dry sweet potato

Catching rain water is absolutely vital. Sometimes water doesn’t run for months. People drink this dirty water because there is no other option. Toilets are few and far between. Guess where it ends up? I hope we never have to struggle as we have this year again.