Organic Matter

Organic Matter in the soil is stable carbon compounds called humus that makes up an essential part of the soil structure.

Worm Casting  Compost
Grub Casting Compost

By adding organic matter to the soil we can create carbon capturing farming. Organic matter is a vital part of the soil. It increases cation exchange capacity which is a fancy way of saying it holds onto nutrients so they don’t get washed away yet makes them available to plants. Organic matter retains moisture as well as creating a soil structure that allows more water to permeate into our clay soil. A farm is only as successful as the amount of organic matter it can accumulate.  The future depends on a farming system that can capture carbon rather than releasing it. This release happens when soil is tilled and exposed to sunlight which breaks down the compounds into CO2. The tilling also injures beneficial fungus and if you kill your friends, you won’t have any friends.