Passive Cooling

Living without air conditioning mean creative measures must be taken to keep cool.

1. Roofing- The east side of our house is tin it gets very hot but allows us to collect drinking water. The West side is thatch so during the hottest time of day the sun falls on cool thatch. The tin overlaps the thatch reflecting the evening light into the house and releasing the hot air.

2. Windows- The front of our house is made with metal work covered in vines. The air is cooled as it is pulled through the leaves and the hot air escapes through the open roof.
3. Earthship- We dug our house into the hill. An underground house is considerably cooler than a free standing one.
4. Cob- Cob is wonderful. If is cool during the day and warm at night.
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5. Trees- The trees surrounding the house protect the cob from rain and once grown will keep the house shaded.