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-Welcome to Growing Futures Kenya

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Growing Futures is located in a deforested, desertified area of the coast of Kenya. This effort is from the combined power and talents of me, AVA, and my husband Juma Bongo.
Life is always changing in unexpected ways. The East African rail line will be built adjacent to our property. This gives us a unique opportunity to advertise our project.


Despite the overwhelming poverty of the pocket in this region we can combat it by providing opportunities for the wealth of human capital in our community through sending children to school, female empowerment, demonstrations of sustainable agriculture that improves nutrition and creates wealth, demonstrations of affordable building, and computer literacy. Poverty of the pocket has no relation to poverty of the mind and spirit. We are working to implement sustainable development through intensive integrated systems combining home, farm, and market.


Our first phase of our project is self sustainability in having a viable business in high yielding sustainable agriculture and a safe home. Once this is productive and we have answered some of the many challenges we face we want to start a resource center (We have planted trees so we can have a living structure in a few years when we are ready).


The second phase is the resource center is to provide a space for novel, sustainable business ideas to mobilize.  This would involve obtaining the capitol, someone skilled to do training, and education in the basics of running a business. The capitol would then be accessible to members for use. We will have a guest room where volunteers can come to teach their skills.  We would like to host people to do work learning and connect them with start-up capitol.  This way we can spread our impact to a larger region.
The third phase is for small businesses to be interconnected and build a system of businesses to stack functions and minimize waste creating a sustainable community.